What do you mean by a "phone consultation?"
This is a chance to chat for a few minutes and talk about what's going on in your life, and for you to learn more about what I do and determine if it might be a fit for your needs. I know that your time is valuable and don't want you to waste it. This is a chance for you to interview me, talk briefly about what you're struggling with, and discuss treatment options to see if I can help you. It's also a chance to see if you think you would want to work with someone like me. It's important to determine if this is the right place for you. If Third Gear isn't for you, then I will be happy to suggest other treatment options, other providers, and other resources. I want you to get the help that you need.


How much is the fee? I charge $125 for a 60-minute session. My clients pay for each session (check, credit/debit card, HSA card, or cash/Venmo) at the time of service.

Do you offer sliding scale fees? I reserve a certain number of sessions per week that can be offered at a reduced fee. Give me a call and we can talk about. Hopefully we can figure something out that works for both of us.

What types of clients do you see? I work with adolescents and adults. I have lots of experience helping people deal with the challenges of school, college, and full-time jobs. If there's something holding you back, let's talk about it and see if I can help.

Do you take insurance? I'm not currently accepting insurance, but will be happy to provide you with documentation (often called a superbill) that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Providing documentation to your insurance company typically requires me to make a formal diagnosis of a mental health condition, which I am licensed to provide, if needed. 

Why should I consider you to treat my OCD or anxiety? For the past 2.5 years anxiety and OCD have been my specialties, along with depression. I've had experience with almost all of the OCD-related concerns that you might be worried about. I'm also a member of the IOCDF (International OCD Foundation). I also have a lot of experience with substance abuse and couples therapy too. I don't want to pretend that I treat every condition...I'd rather focus on the areas where I have the most expertise and experience.

Where is your office? My office is in the Green Hills Office Building. The building is on Hillsboro Pike at the intersection with Castleman Drive as you head Southwest away from downtown Nashville. Come inside and take the elevator to the 3rd floor reception desk.

Can you prescribe medications? No...I'm not a doctor and not licensed to prescribe medications. But I would be happy to provide you with a list of local psychiatrists or medical providers who could manage medications, as needed, if medications might be a helpful component of your therapy. Some patients find medications can be really helpful for them, along with therapy. But medications are not required for therapy.

How flexible is your schedule? I'm usually pretty flexible and we can probably work something out and find a time to meet. I know that OCD, anxiety, and depression don't always fit into a typical schedule, so I offer some evening and weekend sessions.

What are those letters after your name? Those letters stand for Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health Service Provider. It's the highest designation that a counselor can have in the state of Tennessee and it requires a lot of testing. It's also known as "fully licensed", not a temporary or provisional license.